About MEGA P&C

Founded on the basis of innovation, thoroughness, and high efficiency, MEGA P&C has embarked the journey in Hong Kong China, and has evolved from one production facility in Shanghai China in 2002 to become the global brand with a notable presence.  Supported by our excellent research and quality control, optimized coating application, marketing and technical service teams, MEGA P&C continuously develops superior products and innovative solutions for our customers.

At MEGA P&C, it is our promise to "Perpetual innovation, Never Compromise on Quality".  We do our utmost to provide a series of high solid volume, waterborne, solvent free and specific products to our customers in wind energy, shipping container, port equipment, construction equipment, petrochemical, steel structure and bridge construction.

As inspired in our slogan and vision, we are convinced that through continuous innovation and emerging technology, we can bring sustainable change to our society and make our planet a better place for our generations to come.  Focusing in our professional and mission, all the MEGA P&C teams and sources are striving for this achievement since we believe that nothing could be the best but better will always be a possible!

Production Capacity

Existing and planned production facilities:
A.  Shanghai Jiading production facility:  2002 - Present
B.  Nantong Development Zone production facility:  2018 - Present
C.  Zhuhai Gaolan Port production facility:  Under construction

Approved capacity of Shanghai and Nantong production facility:  90,000 Tons
• Waterborne:  20,000 Tons (Shanghai)
• Waterborne:  50,000 Tons (Nantong)
• High Solid:  20,000 Tons (Nantong)

Approved capacity of planned Zhuhai production facility:  70,000 Tons (Total)
• Waterborne:  40,000 Tons
• High Solid:  20,000 Tons
• Solvent Free:  10,000 Tons

Core Values

MEGA P&C commits to embody integrity and transparency while working with customers and employees.  Integrity is the most fundamental principle that fosters trustworthiness, and we promise to possess integrity at all levels and never compromise.

At MEGA P&C, every individual is held accountable for his/her own actions.  It is vital to take ownership and honour commitments.  In like manner, we strive to honour our commitments and maintain professionalism toward our customers at all times.

High Efficiency
At MEGA P&C, we believe that efficiency is highly desirable in our modern, competitive society; hence, it is imperative for us to cultivate perpetual collaboration with our stakeholders to promote efficiency, maximizing our team potential and productivity.

Team Cohesion
At MEGA P&C, it is our passion to fill our workplaces with genuine smiles and satisfaction.  To garner trust and strengthen team cohesion, we commit to create a culture of respect amongst teams and individuals.

For more information about our products and solutions, please contact us at:
Telephone:  +86-21-59100888
E-mail:  postmaster@megacoatings.com
Website:  www.megacoatings.com

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