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High Protective Coatings

High-Protection Coatings

MEGAP&C offers a wide range of exceptional multipurpose high performance protective coatings designed to prevent decay, maximizing the economic value of capital investments even in difficult environments. Our protective coatings also provide an extremely smooth surface that can be top-coated with colors to suit a wide range of aesthetic requirements.

Equipment and Maintenance Industry

MEGAP&C has a full range of proven products for protecting the infrastructure of heat energy and hydro power generation plants and equipment. MEGAP&C provides the right coating solutions to protect fixed assets and projects, specifying the correct solution for each job. Our coatings specialists will come on-site to supervise the coating application and provide relevant recommendations to resolve implementation problems.

Construction and Steel Bridges Industries

MEGAP&C brings unrivaled levels of innovation, experience and expertise in coatings technology to the construction and steel structure industries. Our coating systems are especially designed to meet today’s needs, where exposed steel is frequently used for design purposes.