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High Protective Coatings

High Protective Coatings

Electric energy - thermal power, hydropower and power transmission and transformation

MEGAis a leading supplier of high performance power coatings worldwide, and our full range of products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and have been proven to meet most construction standards. Mecca high-performance power coatings have many years of production and application practices, and unparalleled professional experience, you can rely on products.

Building and bridge area

This isMEGAone of the characteristics of the wide application of high-performance coatings. Mecca invests a lot of manpower and capital in product research and development every year. It is applied to the creation of new technologies and the improvement of existing products. We not only have professional researchers and chemists, but also It is also equipped with advanced equipment to help customers protect the building and bridge steel structure, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of the coated object, extending the service life of the coated object, and ultimately achieving the goal of protecting customer assets and reducing operating costs. .

Mechanical equipment application field

MEGA high performance industrial coatings can help you better protect your fixed assets and products. Our professional engineers can help you make product selections and solve construction problems. If there are more complicated situations, our full-time technical service staff will provide professional solutions and on-site technical guidance services.