Sustainability Development


We are dedicated to providing more environmentally-friendly and durable coatings. We tirelessly develop advanced technologies that improve our products and services and better fulfill the needs of customers worldwide. To this end, MEGAP&C attracts and develops talented people who have the courage and creativity to invent and to facilitate technological change.

Environmental Care and Occupational Health and Safety

We show consideration to the planet in everything we do: We have set the highest standards for our operating companies in the area of environmental responsibility. MEGAP&C was awarded ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register for significantly reducing the environmental impact of operations and setting up an effective environment management system. Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees also qualified MEGAP&C for OHSAS 18001 by Lloyd’s Register.

Our Vision

MEGAP&C I believe that there will always be better ways, and we are ready to challenge the status quo. Through our commitment to quality and reliable service, we intend to exceed expectations and become the world's best paint supplier. We have the courage to become the industry leader in the future.

Keep Improving

We never compromise on quality. Our superior product quality makes Mecca the forefront of quality production in the industry. We actively invest in R&D centers to continually optimize our products and continue to develop new products. Mecca continues to invite Lloyd to review our ISO9001 quality management system to make our system more complete. Our commitment to our customers is “excellence” and we believe this commitment is why we exceed our customers' expectations and maintain customer satisfaction.