Our Core Values


Integrity is essential for meeting the highest standards of corporate governance. We work to uphold our excellent reputation for integrity in the marketplace, and always provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees.

Corporate Accountability

At MEGAP&C, we believe that employees are not only responsible for their own decisions and actions, but also for propagating the corporate principle of accountability. We protect our brand and good will by delivering on our promises to our customers.


Our management philosophy is to be practical and results-oriented, as we believe high performance is the only measurement of success in an organization. We turn decisions into actions and make things happen quickly and efficiently.


Our outstanding staff is the backbone of Mecca. Therefore, we are committed to creating an environment where every employee is treated with respect and dignity; their contribution to the company will be recognized. In Mecca, we emphasize that friendship performance is very important between our employees and our employees. It is also a good factor that we strive to cultivate.

Our outstanding employees are one of MEGAP&C's greatest assets. We are fully committed to building an environment where all employees are respected and contribute to the team. At MEGAP&C, we value friendship and relationships with our clients, and consider ourselves privileged to be able to maintain High customer satisfaction and loyalty.