History of Development 

MEGAP&C CHINA is focused on the latest market developments in the coatings industry, providing innovative products and services to achieve 100% satisfaction among our customers.

1995     MEGAP&C CHINA is founded.

2002     Due to the ever-changing needs of the exponentially growing coatings industry, MEGAP&C sets up a new Shanghai manufacturing plant. The new facility allows us to fully utilize the expertise of local people and maximize the value of the resources within our pool of technical experts. In the same year, we also set up an R&D center, where we built a strong team of professional chemists and certified technical engineers.

2004   MEGAP&C expands market share by establishing additional sales offices and hiring sales agents in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.Our MEGAP&C China local sales team includes many professional sales engineers in the container manufacturing, petrochemical, engineering construction, wind power, heat energy, radiator and transformer industries.

2018   Nantong's production base was officially put into operation. Annual capacity of 70,000 tons.

Our MEGAP&C CHINA local sales team comprises of many professional sales engineers in the field of container manufacturing industry, petrochemical, engineering construction, wind power energy, heat-energy plants, radiators and transformers industry, etc.