About Us

Company Overview

Mega is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coatings and coating intermediates, serving a wide variety of customers around the globe. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to building the best team of international professionals in the industry, allowing us to offer the most innovative solutions, the highest quality, and the finest customized services.

Our focus on constant research and development, and our use of advanced production techniques, have positioned MEGA at the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence. MEGA has built a distribution network throughout China, and become a major supplier to various industries. Our success is tied to our core value: never compromise on quality.

We invest aggressively in our Research and Development Center, both to refine our existing products and to constantly develop new ones. MEGA’s dedication to quality is demonstrated by our ISO 90001 certification through Lloyd’s Register, and we are committed to continual improvement in our systems beyond this achievement.

Our promise to customers is to “Make Perfection Ever More Perfect”. Our belief in the importance of perfection drives us to always exceed our customers’ expectations, and is key to MEGA’s high customer loyalty and satisfaction rates.

MEGA believes in challenging the status quo, and always finding ways to better ourselves. Through our commitment to providing reliable services, we aim to become the finest specialty-coating provider in the world. We have the courage, the vision, the experience, and the technology to lead the way to the future.


MEGA CHINA is focused on the latest market developments in the coatings industry, providing innovative products and services to achieve 100% satisfaction among our customers.

1995 MEGA CHINA is founded.

2002 Due to the ever-changing needs of the exponentially growing coatings industry, MEGA sets up a new Shanghai manufacturing plant. The new facility allows us to fully utilize the expertise of local people and maximize the value of the resources within our pool of technical experts. In the same year, we also set up an R&D center, where we built a strong team of professional chemists and certified technical engineers.
2004 - Present MEGA expands market share by establishing additional sales offices and hiring sales agents in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.Our MEGA China local sales team includes many professional sales engineers in the container manufacturing, petrochemical, engineering construction, wind power, heat energy, radiator and transformer industries.

Our MEGA CHINA local sales team comprises of many professional sales engineers in the field of container manufacturing industry, petrochemical, engineering construction, wind power energy, heat-energy plants, radiators and transformers industry, etc.

Our Core Values

Highest Ethical Behavior

Integrity is essential for meeting the highest standards of corporate governance. We work to uphold our excellent reputation for integrity in the marketplace, and always provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees.

Corporate Accountability

At MEGA, we believe that employees are not only responsible for their own decisions and actions, but also for propagating the corporate principle of accountability. We protect our brand and goodwill by delivering on our promises to our customers.

High Performance

Our management philosophy is to be practical and results-oriented, as we believe high performance is the only measurement of success in an organization. We turn decisions into actions and make things happen quickly and efficiently.


Our outstanding employees are one of MEGA’s greatest assets. We are fully committed to building an environment where all employees are respected and contribute to the team. At MEGA, we value friendship and relationships with our clients, and consider ourselves privileged to be able to maintain high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sustainability Development


We are dedicated to providing more environmentally-friendly and durable coatings. We tirelessly develop advanced technologies that improve our products and services and better fulfill the needs of customers worldwide. To this end, MEGA attracts and develops talented people who have the courage and creativity to invent and to facilitate technological change.

Environmental Care and Occupational Health and Safety

We show consideration to the planet in everything we do: We have set the highest standards for our operating companies in the area of environmental responsibility. MEGA was awarded ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register for significantly reducing the environmental impact of operations and setting up an effective environment management system. Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees also qualified MEGA for OHSAS 18001 by Lloyd’s Register.